DR. ANIL KUMAR

                                                                   293, Satya Nagar, RaeBareli (229001)- U.P.

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TEACHING / RESEARCH EXPERIENCE (UG  & PG Level)            24 years

RESEARCH EXPERIENCE :Since last 15 years actively involved in Environmental Field work and project Developments specially with practical knowledge of working in forests, tribal and rural environment in Megahlaya , Arunanchal Pradesh, Sariska National Park(Raj.), U.P. and Bundelkhand region, India.

Area of Research Interest :

·        Biodiversity conservation & sustainable management of various ecosystems

·        Studies on TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge)

·        Socioeconomic concepts and Village Ecosystem function.

·        Restoration of degraded waste lands.

·        Inter disciplinary studies on forest/tribals/agro-ecosystem.


·        Worked with Centre for Science  and Environment during 1997 for two  projects

·        Currently working on collaborative project with Sarvodaya Sevasharm,   and RainDrop, Bargarh, Chitrakoot.


PROJECTS AWARDED / COMPLETED                   :

·        "Socio - economic Study of Eucalyptus plantations in central & eastern U.P." from Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education Under World Bank aided project.

·        Ecological analysis of Natural Restoration Pattern of abandoned brick - kiln fields in Rae Bareli, U.P. from University Grants Commission, New Delhi.

·        Studies on soil attributes and microbial activity under varied landscape pattern of eucalyptus plantation in Raebareli district of U.P. from University Grants Commission , New delhi.

·        Technology imparted to and adopted by Farmers in Raebareli district   of U.P for reclamation of sodic ecosystems using biological methodology. Feroze Gandhi college ,Raebareli








Examination Passed

Name of University


Year of Passing

Subject Studied


Kanpur University,

Kanpur (U.P.)





North Eastern Hill University, Shillong (Meghalaya)



Botany (Ecology)


National Law School of India University Bangalore



Environmental Law


TITLE OF Ph.D.                     :           Studies on Ecological implication of varied

                                                            land use patterns in the North Eastern Hill

                                                            Regions of India.

SUPERVISOR                                    :           Prof. P.S. Ramakrishnan, School of                       Environmental Sciences Jawahar Lal Nehru University


i)          Junior Research Fellowship (2 year) (June 1984 to May 1986), Deptt. of Environment & Forest, Government of India.

ii)         Senior Research Fellowship (June 1986 to April 1988), Deptt. of Environment & Forest, Government of India.

iii)        Senior Research Fellowship (Nov. and Dec. 1988), Deptt. of Science & Technology, Government of India.



1.     Ecological analysis of natural restoration pattern of abandoned brick kiln fields of Raebareli district of U. P.   RDMS,2011, F.G.College,Raebareli (Eds. S.Srivastava,Dept. of Chemistry)under publication.,2011

2.     Floristic diversity of Samaspur Lake system in Rae Bareli district of U.P. : An Ecological Assessment Environment Pollution & Management (Eds : P.C. Trivedi) University of Rajasthan, Avishkar Publication, Jaipur - 214 - 228 - 2004

3.     Studies on Eucalyptus Plantations under the farm forestry and agro forestry systems of UP in northern India.  Forest, Trees and Livelihood, 13 : 313 - 330, 2003.

4.     Energy flow through an Apatani Village ecosystem in Arunachal Pradesh in north - east India.  Human Ecology, 18, 223-256, (1990).

5.     Traditional water harvesting techniques practised by Apatani tribe of Arunanchal Pradesh - Eastern Himalaya.  Dying Wisdom.  (ed. Anil Agarwal & Sunita Narain) Centre for Science & Environment, 50 - 53 (1997).

6.     Human Ecological approach for environment conservation in developing countries.  Human Health & Environment (eds. Sinha et. al.) Ashish Publishing House.  New Delhi. 297 - 306, 1997.

7.     Valley Cultivation : In Harmony with the Nature.  Contributed article to ILIEA, Nether land 11(2) : 34, 1995

8.     Village ecosystem function of the tribal societies in north eastern              India with special reference to hill Miris of Arunachal                       Pradesh.  Prospectives in Ecology, (eds. J.S. Singh & Brij Gopal), 353 - 276, (1989).

9.     Ecological implications of some cash crop ecosystems in the north eastern  India, Proc. Indina Acad. of Science (Plant Science), 211-222 (1989).


Book review :

·        Quercus ilex L. Ecosystem : Function, Dynamic & Management.  Advances in Vegetation Science.  13 vi + 377 pages.  Kluwer Academic Publ., Dordrecht (Edi. romane & Terradas). Int. J. Ecol. & Env. Sci. 19(1) 59-60 1993.

Books published :

i)          Human Health & Environment (eds: with Dr. A.K. Sinha) Ashish Publishing House, New Delhi. 1997.

ii)                Botany for Degree students : Pteridophyta by V.R.Vashisht , Dr. A.K. Sinha & Dr Anil Kumar

iii)              Botany for Degree students : Gymnosperm by V.R.Vashishta,

Dr. A.K. Sinha & Dr. Anil Kumar, S.Chand Publishers, New Delhi2012

iv)               Botany for Degree students : Fungi  by V.R.Vashisht, Dr. A.K. Sinha & Dr. Anil Kumar- (2014) S.Chand Publishers, New Delhi


            Abstract Published/Accepted :

In Foreign:-

i)          Forest Resource Conservation strategies & Apatani Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India.  International Conference on

          Conservation of Tropical Biodiversity: In Harmony with Nature, June 12-16, 1990.  Malayan Nature Society, Kualalumpur, Malaysia.

ii)         Management and Ecology of Wet rice cultivation of Aparanis in North-East India.  VIIth World Congress Water for Sustainable Development in 21st Century, May 13-18, 1991, Rabat, Morrocco.

iii)        Tribals life and their association with forests in North-East India, an ecological analysis.  V International Conference of the Soc        iety for Human Ecology, Aug., 1991.  Gothenburg University, Gothenburg.

          In India

i)          Rural Ecology & Forest dependency of hill Miri tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in north-eastern India, pp 17-18.  Abstract volume.   Natural Resource utilization & Environmental Appraisal, Dec. 23-25, 1989.  Deptt. of Geology, Ravishankar University, Raipur (M.P.)

ii)         Village ecosystem function of Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh in north-east India.  Abstract Volume Environment & its Conservation Dec. 29-31, 1989.  Deptt. of P.G. Studies & Research in Zoology, Abdul Hakeem College Melvisharam (T.N.)

iii)        Ecological & economic efficiencies & nutrient flow of plantation/cash crops in north-eastern hill region of India.  Abstract volume, Environmental studies for sustainable Development, Jan. 23-25, 1990.  Deptt. of Environmental Science, P.S.G. College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore (T.N.)

iv)        Traditional water harvesting techniques practiced by Apatani tribe of Arunachal Pradesh.  Abstract volume Traditional water harvesting systems of India.  India International Centre, New Delhi Oct. 9-11, 1990.

v)         Human Ecological approach for Environment Conservation in Developing Countries.  Abstract volume 'SAARC Countries Conference of Environment Management in Developing Countries" Feb 23-24, 1991.  Feroze Gandhi College, Rae Bareli (U.P.)

Conferences attended :

1.     SCOPE INTERNATIONAL Workshop on Ecology of Biological Invasion in the Tropics, Seprt. 18-20, 1989, at Nainital club, Nainital, Organised by G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environ. & Develop., Almora.

2.     All India Seminar on Natural Resource Utilization &  Environmental Appraisal, Dec. 23-25, 1989.  Deptt. of Geology, Ravishankar University, Raipur (M.P.)

3.     Traditional Water Harvesting Systems of India Oct. 9-11, 1990 at India International Centre, New Delhi, Organised by Center for Science and Environment, New Delhi.

4.     SAARC Countries Conference on Environment Management in Developing Countries, Feb. 23-24, 1991 at Feroze Gandhi College, Rae Bareli.

5.     Recent Development in Material Sciences,Organised by Dept. of Chemistry , Feroze Gandhi College, RaeBareli,2011, F.G.College,Raebareli

Academic Achievements/Involvements :

1-     Attended and completed 3 week Special Summer School Programme at    Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.(6th. May to 26th May,2015)

2-     Observer for CBSE Exams of AIPMT, JEE, CTET since last 8years

3-     Resource Person / Consultant for  Natural Resource Management  at Bargarh area inhabited by Kol Tribe. during 2012-2014 with Sarvodaya Seva Sansthan and Rain Drop NGO

4-     Designed  restoration of degraded land of  Bargarh Area of Chitrakoot district.

5-     Assisted in Water Management and revival of river at Bargarh.


References :

·     Prof. P.S. Ramakrishnan 

         Prof. Emeritus

         School of Environmental Sciences J.N.U.

         New Delhi

·        Prof. K.G.Saxena

         School of Environmental Sciences,

         New Delhi

·        Prof.Dr. K.S. Rao

          Department of Botany, Delhi University



NATIONALITY                       :           Indian

FATHER’S NAME            :         Late Sri T.N. Srivastava            

PRESENT POSITION            :           Sr.Lecturer, Department of Botany,

                                                            Feroze Gandhi College, Rae Bareli  (U.P.)

                                                            Pin 229001