Dr.Alka Shukla


Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Feroze Gandhi P.G. College



E-mail: alkashukla.fgc@gmail.com

Voice: 09359494947, 09415745999


Address                                 632

Amar Nagar

Near Ashirwad Bhawan



Teaching                               31 years 27 July 1985 - Till now

Experience                            Feroze Gandhi College




Membership                          Bharat Ganita Parishad


U.P., India

Details regarding refresher courses/orientation attended, participation in summer schools, workshops, seminars, symposia etc. including open university courses/M.Phil., Ph.D.

Orientation                :           Academic Staff College, Lucknow University,                                            Lucknow, 1990

Refresher Courses  :           I. Mathematics, Lucknow University, Lucknow,                                            2001(01.09.2001- 21.09.2001)

II. (Computer Application) Certificate in Computing Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, 2002 2002  (06.05.2002-27.05.2002)

National Conference          FGIET, Rae Bareli (ETASN-2010)

Seminar                                 FGPG College Rae Bareli (UGC) 2011

Seminar                                 FGPG College Rae Barreli (UGC) 2014

Seminar                                 Brahmanand College, Kanpur (UGC) 2011

Workshop                              5 days (SAM Workshop, UGC, Lucknow University           Campus, Lucknow University, Lucknow) 21-01-          2011 to 25.01.2011             

Counsellor                            Indira Gandhi National Open University, for                                            courses BCA,MCA, BBA, BDP, MTE since 2001 till                                            now.


Papers                                   Paper 1:

Title: Skin Friction and heat transfer analysis of oscillatory Cou-ette flow under magnetic field effect

Journal of PAS 1989 Volume(15) Mathematical Science pp 128-136, 2009


Paper 2:

Title: Rayleigh- Taylor instability of two superposed Visco-Elastic fluids in presence of suspended particles through Porous medium

Journal of PAS 1989 Volume(15) Mathematical Science pp 50-57, 2010


Paper 3:

Title: Study of blood flow in narrow vessels by using Non-Newtonian flow model

Journal of PAS 1989, Volume 18 (Mathematical Sciences) p.p.230-242, 2012


Paper (4+5):

Title: Rheological Study of blood owing between parallel plates under transverse magnetic field effect with application

Journal of PAS 1989, Volume 19 (Mathematical Sciences) p.p.133-141, 2013