Name:  Dr. Adarsh Kumar                                                                                          

Designation:  Associate Professor

Qualification:  M.Sc., Ph.D.

Address: Ram Nagar, Opp. PWD Office, Civil Lines, Rae- Bareli, UP, India,229001.

Phone no. 0535-2700995, Mob.  09415745223

E-Mail –

Academic Achievements

1. Ph.D under eminent Bryologist Prof. Ram Udar F.N.A, Dept. of Botany, University of Lucknow, Lucknow

2.  Orientation Programme- University of Lucknow.

3.  First Refresher Course-Banaras Hindu University.

4.  Second Refresher Course-University of Lucknow.

5.  Diploma in Remote Sensing, Dehradun.




Life Membership:

1. Indian Journal of Environmental Protection (IJEP) ISSN : 0253-7141, Regd. No. R. N. 40280/83 Published & Printed by : Kalpana Corporation, Post Box No. 05 Varanasi-221010, India. Life Membership No. L. 26

2. Indian Society of Remoto Sensing, Dehradun, Regd. No. 1357/73-74 Life Membership No. L-1463

3. Indian Bryological Society, University of Lucknow, Lucknow

4. The Palaeobotanical Society, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany (BSIP) Lucknow.

5. The Academy of Environmental Biology. J.Ecophysiol. occup. Hlth. I.T.R.C., Lucknow.


Fellowship Conferred


1. Palaeobotanical Society of India

2. Indian Botanical Society

3. Indian Society of Remote Sensing


Ph.D. Awarded


1.      Meenaskshi

2.      Shazia Kazmi


Research Projects


1.       A Comprehensive study of Ganga and its dependents under Integrated ecodevelopment project on River Ganga Basin. Ministry of Enviornment & Forest, Govt of India.


2.      A comprehensive study of soil deterioration due to sarda canal system and control measure sanctioned by Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India.



Book Published


1.      Botany for degree students “Bryophyta”, S.Chand & Company Ltd. New Delhi. ISBN : 81-219-0463-3


2.      Bryophytes in relation to Air Pollution with Shazia Kazmi. Parikrama Prakashan, Delhi 2015.




Dr. Adarsh Kumar was recognized as “Leading Scientist of the world -2012” by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, London.


Published Papers


1.      A new Cephaloziella from India. Misc. Bryol. Et Lichenol. 8 : 137-139 (1980), Japan (With R. Udar).


2.      Genus Notoscyphus Mitt. In India. J. Hattori bot. Lab. 49 : 247-260 (1981) Japan (With R. Udar).


3.      Jungermannia (Plectocolea) rubripunctata (Hatt.) Amak. – new to India. Misc. Bryol. Et Lichenol 9 : 54-55 (1981) Japan (With R. Udar).


4.      Jackiella Javanica Schiffn. – a rare and interesting toxon from India. J. India bot. soc. 60: 105-111 (1981) INDIA (With R. Udar).


5.      The status of Nardia assamica (Mitt.) Amak. Geophytology 11 : 143-147 (1981), India (With R. Udar).


6.      Two new species of Cephaloziella from India. I Lindbergia 8 : 30-34 (1982), Copenhagin. (With R. Udar).


7.      The genus Jackiella in south India.Proc. India Acad. Sci. (Plant Sci) 91 : 131-137 (1982). India (With R. Udar).


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10.  A new chonecollea from India. The Bryologist 85 : 315-318 (1982), America. (With R. Udar).


11.  Studies in Indian Jungermanniaceas – I Gottschelia schizopleura (spruce) Grolle – A rare taxon. J. India. bot. soc. 61 : 250-253 (1982) India (1982), (With R. Udar).


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51.  Heavy metals concentration in mosses growing around National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Unchahar, Rae Bareli. I.J.E.P. : 31 (2) : 130-136-2011 (with Shazia Kazmi)


Papers Presented at Conferences / Symposia / Seminars

Abstracts Published in Symposia/Seminars & Conferences National and International


1. Genus Notoscyphus Mitt. In India. Abst. Third Indian Geophytological Conference : 47 (1979) (with R. Udar).

2. Genus Saccogyna Dumort. New to Indian byroflora. Abst. J. Indian bot. Soc. Suppl. 58 : 33 (1979) (with R. Udar).

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22. Byroflora, Around National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Unchahar, Rae Bareli, Adarsh Kumar and Shazia Kazmi. National Conference on Biodiversity and Applied Biology of Plants. Held from 8th Oct. 10th Oct. 03 at Deptt. Of Botany Lucknow Unviersity Lucknow. p.130. (2003).

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32. Activities and ICT in changing scenario of Higher Education in India by Adarsh Kumar and R.D. Sharma. Proceedings of the National Seminar on Recent Initiatives in Higher Education, 20-21 February, 2016 organised by Government PG College, Fatehabad, Agra (IQAC and Department of Botany) Sponsored by Higher Education, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh. ISBN-978-93-83046-32-4, 2016. A-V Page 34-35.


Name :          Dr. Adarsh Kumar


Fellowship    :  JRF –UGC               (Dec. 1977- Dec. 1980)

   SRF – DST              (Dec. 1980 – 19th Aug. 1983)


Research Experience         :           37 yrs


Teaching Experience         :           32 yrs


Refresher/Orientation Course :

01.  Orientation Course

University of Lucknow

02.  Refresher Course Ist

University of Lucknow

03.  Refresher Course IInd

B.H.U. Varanasi


Training Programme :                   Participated as Trainee in NHRMS Course of two months conducted by Indian Institute of  Remote Sensing (Dehradun)


Honour Conferred     :                   International       Biographical       Center,

Cambridge, London has recognised as “Leading Scientist of the World-2012” in field of bryology.



1.     IQAC Convenor

2.     Member NAAC Committee

3.     Chief Proctor of the College and Chief Coordinator of Student Welfare Committee.

4.     Convenor of the College Time Table Committee.

5.     Member of Admission Committee of the College.

6.     Senior Vice President of Teacher Association.

7.     Worked as Programmer Officer of NSS.

8.     Worked as  Coordinator/Convenor of Career Counselling Cell  of the College.

9.     Participated as member of various academic & administrative committee of the College.

10.                        Imparting teaching of U.G. & P.G. level and preparation of study material & practical training.

11.                        Asstt. Superintendent  & Senior Superintendent (2014-2015) of Exams of C.S.J.M. University of Kanpur.

12.                        Conducted successfully All India Competitive Exams of CBSE  like AIPMT, JEE, CTET as Observer from different states of country.

13.                        Remedial/Counselling was provided to students as and when required.

14.                        Worked as subject expert for promotion of the teachers affiliated colleges of CSJM University Kanpur and in other Universities.

15.                        Worked as Panel Expert for approval of  the subject in the established/newly proposed colleges of C.S.J.M. University, Kanpur.

16.                        Confidential work of U.G. & P.G. subject in different Universities of India.

17.                        Confidential work of U.P. Board, Allahabad.

18.                        Actively involved in evaluation of answer books/assignment of various Universities of India.






Conferences Organised :

·        Member Organising Committee SAARC Conference on “Environmental Management in Developing Countries” 1991.

·        Member Organising Committee of a Conference on “Recent Development in Material Science” 2011


Other Achievements :

·        Discovered 03 genera new to India.

·        Discovered 08 species new to Science &  collected bryophytes.

·        Visited almost all the bryogeographical territories of India.

·        Delivered a Key Note Address in a Conference “Higher Education in India : Present State & Trend” organised by Sociology Deptt. F.G.C.

·        Research work carried in Collaboration with NBRI Lucknow & published the paper.

·        Research work carried in collaboration with BSI, Kolkata & published the paper.


Major Achievements : Remarkable work


1.   Following three genera have been discovered for the first time from India.

(i)             Chonecolea

(ii)          Lethocolea

(iii)       Cylindrocolea


2.   Following eight species have been added in bryoflora of the world.

(i)             Notoschyphus pandii

(ii)          Notoschyphus darjeelingensis

(iii)       Cephaloziella indica

(iv)        Cephaloziella dentifolia

(v)           Cephaloziella meghalayensis

(vi)        Chonecolea schusteri

(vii)     Frullania sharpentha

(viii)  Cylindrocolea reticulata


3.   International Biographical Center, Cambridge, London has recognised as “Leading Scientist of the World-2012” in this field.


4.   Two books were published :

(i)             Bryophyta – S.Chand, New Delhi

(ii)          Bryophytes in Relation to Air Pollution – Parikrama Prakashan Delhi.