Plan 2016

Plan of Action 2016-17

1. Preparation of AQAR (2015-16) in July 2016.

2. Preparation of documents to put up before National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) PEER TEAM (for 2nd Cycle) (Scheduled on 29th, 30th & 31st August, 2016).

3. IQAC, as usual, has recommended to evaluate the position of courses and attendance of students at the end of December, 2016.

4. Ensure the availability/purchase of laboratory materials, equipments, glass wares, chemicals etc. in departments where practical exams are scheduled in Jan. & Feb., 2017.

5. Make the arrangements to complete the courses by engaging extra classes before preparation leave.

6. Request, to Management of College, to fill up the shortage of teachers as early as possible as it was done in last session (2015-2016).

7. IQAC proposes to organise Enthusia-2016 for cultural activity in College Campus because last programme of Enthusia-15 was very successful.

8. Develop some more class rooms fully aided with ICT equipments.

9. Invite subject experts, alumni and other important academicians for talks/lectures.

10. Organise Yoga Campus.

11. Organise workshop/lectures for those students who are coming from rural area to become digitally literate.

12. Organise some programmes to develop scientific skill among students.

13. Community Awareness programmes.

14. Debate & Essay competitions at department level as well as College level by different committees such as Cultural Committee, NSS, Rovers and Rangers.

15. Language improvement.

16. Career Counselling.

17. Awareness regarding Disaster Management.

18. Environment Awareness.

19. Women Empowerment Programme.

20. Interaction with NGOs.

21. Improve the functioning of placement cell. IQAC recommends to organise Job Fair as it was done successfully last year.

22. Extension of Fire Extinguishing facilities in College Campus and in auditorium which has capacity of 999 chairs.

23. Formation of Eco Club.

24. Frequent Alumni Meet.

25. Organise Book Fair in College Campus.

26. Provide counselling for differently abled students.

27. Provide for advisement to students in addition to class room teaching.

28. Ensure timely benefits to teaching and non-teaching staff of the College.

29. Transformation of uncut gem of students to glittering jewels to face the present challenges of life and bring harmony and peace in society.

30. Strengthening the research culture in some departments which are lagging behind in this field.

31. Formation of film and culture society.