Plan 2015

Plan of Action (2015-16) and ITS Outcome

S.No Action Outcome
1 Preparation of Annual Quality Assurance Report (2014-15) with in August 2015. @AQAR (2014-2015) was prepared and sent to National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bengaluru on 07.10.2015.
2 Preparation of Self Study Report (2nd Cycle) with in September,2015. SSR (Cycle-II) was prepared and sent on 09.10.2015 to NAAC, Bengaluru.
3 IQAC has recommended to evaluate the position of courses and attendance at the end of December, 2015. A meeting of IQAC was held on 22nd Dec., 2015 to inquire through the Principal of College regarding the completion of courses in different departments. It was informed by Departments that more than 70-80% of courses have been completed. It was also requested to display the names of those students whose attendance is short as per C.S.J.M. University rules.
4 Make the arrangements to complete the courses by engaging extra classes. The faculty members were requested to complete their courses latest by 25th of Feb., 2016.
5 The students, whose attendance is short, should be informed. The names of those students, whose attendance was short, displayed on notice board on 15th January, 2016.
6 Replace old notice boards in each department. The old wooden notice boards have been replaced by new fibre boards.
7 To promote cultural activity in the college campus. Enthusia-2015 (one week cultural programme) was organised in College Auditorium. The prize distribution ceremony was performed by Hon’ble Justice Vijay Laxmi of Allahabad High Court Bench.
8 Develop some rooms fully aided with ICT equipments. Room No. 20 and Lecture Theatre II were fully aided with ICT equipments.
9 To invite subject experts, alumni and other important academicians for talks. The following subject experts alumni and other important academicians have delivered their talks :-

(i)  Dr. A.K. Gangwar, Regional Director, Centre for Environmental Education, Lucknow

(ii)  Dr. Marukh Mirza, Dean & Head, Faculty of Commerce, Khwaja Moinudeen Chistee Arbi & Farsi University, Lucknow.

(iii)  Prof. A.N. Dwivedi, Head, Department of English, University of Allahabad.

(iv)  Sri G.N. Pandey, Bt- ISS

(v)  Dr. Rajiv Manohar, Department of Physics, University of Lucknow

(vi)  Dr. Pradeep Srivastava, Rtd. Dy. Director, CDRI, Lucknow

(vii)  Dr. R.K. Pandey, Retd. Principal & Prof., Zoology, DBS (P.G) College, Dehradun & S.H.K.(P.G.) College, Basti.

(viii)  Dr. Vikrant Yadav, Department of Physics, University of Massachvsets, Amherst.

(ix)  Dr. Alok Dubey, Businessman, California, USA.

(x)  Sri Uma Shanker Dubey, Forest Department, Raebareli.

10 To organise Yoga Camp. Four Yoga Camps were organised :

(i)     22 – 26 Sept., 2015

(ii)    10 – 19 Oct., 2015

(iii)    08 – 17 Nov., 2015

(iv)    17 – 18 May, 2016

11 To organise workshop for students to become digitally literate

(i) A four days workshop (22-25 Sept., 2015) was organised by Department of Chemistry for students to become digitally literate and to support National Digital Literacy Mission (NDLM), Govt. of India.

(ii) Department of English organised Documentary Screening on “Gandhi ji”.

12 To organise one day workshop by SBI to inform our employees regarding- net banking, FD/RD, credit cards etc. In stead of one day workshop, IQAC has organised 03 talks by Chief Manager, SBI, Raebareli for College employees regarding “New Banking Policies”.
13 To organise some programmes to develop scientific skill among students.

(i) Two days workshop on “Finger Printing Techniques” was organised by IQAC and Department of Zoology in collaboration with “Cytogene Research Development Sansthan, Lucknow.

(ii) Two one-day seminar on “Human Rights” were organised separately by Department of Political Science and NSS.

(iii)  Prof. A.N. Dwivedi, Head, Department of English, University of Allahabad.

(iv) A symposium was organised by English Department on “Indian English Fiction”.

(v) A Training Programme was organised by Department of B.Ed. on “Computer/Net Assisted Teaching”.

(vi) One day seminar on “Higher Education” was organised by IQAC and Department of Sociology.

(vii) One day seminar on “Gender Discrimination was organised by IQAC and Department of Sociology.

(viii) A seminar was organised by Sanskrit Department on “Sanskrit Vangmaya me Loktantra ki Awadharna”. The Chief Guest was Prof. Rajendra Mishra, Former Vice Chancellor of Sampurnanand Vishwavidyalaya.

(ix) A talk on “Tax Awareness and Tax Benefits for Individual” was organised by Department of Commerce.

14 Community Awareness programmes.

(i) “Run for Peace” organised by Enthusia-2015.

(ii) Blood Donation Camp

(iii) 5 days Camp by Rovers & Rangers

(iv) Vivekanand – Yuva Saptah by B.Ed.

(v) Subhash Jayanti by NSS.

15 Debate & Essay Competitions.

(i) Under Enthusia-2015 debate and essay competition were organised.

(ii) Speech competition was organised by Department of English.

(iii) Debate Competition was organised by Hindi Department.

(iv) Students of B.Sc. participated in National Level Scientific Contest on “Conservation of Water Resources : Innovative Technologies” organised by “The National Academy of Sciences” on 27th Feb., 2016.

(v) Under “Economic Forum” of Department. of Economics, Essay Competition and Quiz were organised.

16 Language improvements.

(i) To improve language comprehension of rural students, some special classes were run by the Department of English, Department of Hindi and a few by Department of Sanskrit.

(ii) Some tips to improve the language were also provided in each Department by faculty members at the beginning of Session.

(iii) Some ICT support was provided to improve language communication during Counselling Sessions on every working Saturday.

17 Career Counselling. College / IQAC has also focussed its aim on Career Counselling of students. Therefore, following MOUs were signed :

(i) NIIT

(ii) FDDI

(iii) Mr. Santanu – Professional Counsellor

Career Counselling Cell (CCC) of College as usual organised Career Counselling Session on each working Saturday. Some other resources were also employed for Counselling viz. :-

(i) Dr. Reddy’s Foundation

(ii) IMRT (Institute of Management Research & Technology)

(iii) Anupam Defence Academy.

(iv) Mahindra Finance Ltd.

(v) NIFT

18 Awareness regarding Disaster Management. A programme on Disaster Management was organised by trained experts of the College and students’ participation was also ensured in the same.

19 Environment Awareness. Some special talks/ Lectures (exhibition) models/ plantation were organised under Enthusia-15. NSS, Rangers & Rovers and Toppers Academy of the college as extra curricular engagement.
20 Women Empowerment Programme.

Women empowerment and sensitization was done through seminar/talks organised by the departments of Sociology, English, Hindi, and Sanskrit NSS, Rovers & Rangers and was assisted by college “Women Care Committee.”

An awareness programme with the help of police Department. on “Women Empowerment for self-safety/defence” got started successfully.

21 Interaction with NGOs.

Some faculty members of the college are working in collaboration with “Sarvodaya Sewashram”, a NGO and a French NGO “RAIN DROP” on water and soil problem of Bundelkhand, a very severe problem in Uttar Pradesh.

22 Improve the functioning of placement-Cell. The functioning of “Placement Cell” has definitely been increased. Our major achievements are:

(i) Mahindra Finance Ltd.-Selected 4 students

(ii) Nirma Pvt. Ltd.-Selected 67 students

(iii) Job-Fair-Selected 56 students

23 Awareness of Smart City Project Several programmes (such as talks display of banners & poster) were organised to aware the public of Rae Bareli city to make it as “Smart City”, which is set to benefit the College too directly or indirectly.
24 Other Activities IQAC has completed some more tasks other than that mentioned in plan of Action 2015-16 such as;

(i)Mahindra Finance Company selected 32 toppers of the college and distributed Rs. 10,000/- each along with a certificate of merit. (as one time scholarship)

(ii)Vaish-Samaj Utthan Sansthan Raebareli has selected all the physically handicapped students of the College and provided financial support to students as per percentage of disability

(iii)An Alumni Meet was organised.

(iv)College canteen was upgraded

(v)3 days workshop on “Documentary film Making” was organised by Yes-Bank in collaboration with Department of Chemistry.

(vi)Our central Library was connected with inflibnet-nlist.

(vii)16 CCTV Cameras were installed in the College premises.